Saturday, February 06, 2010

Short 'n' Sweet - Superbowl and Snow

Isn't it a pity that the "news" of this weekend is at least as much about the massive snowstorm that buried the mid-Atlantic states and tomorrow's Superbowl as it is about the Teaparty?

And honestly, doesn't Teaparty sound like something you did as a young child, a young girl-child, with stuffed animals as your fellow partiers?

I heard a Palin apologist today explain why Sarah is popular.  She said that Sarah sits down at her kitchen table with the rest of her family to figure out how to pay bills.  Just like you and I do, working within a family budget. I guess that apologist hasn't heard about Sarah's rise to stardom and her $100,000 a pop speaking fees, and the million dollars from her own PAC that she spent basically on herself, or her $1,250,000 (minimum) advance for "Going Rogue."

If I owned several pieces of real estate, along with 2 impressive houses, 3 luxury cabins, 2 outiftted snowmobile garage-workshops, a cadillac, and still had enough left over to hire a private jet and do my hair and nails regularly ... I wouldn't put myself in the category of most hard-working middle-class Americans anymore.  Would you?
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