Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I Wish I Were a Humorist

When your worst fears turn out to be true, there are only two things to do. One is to say goodbye to the cruel world, and the other is to laugh.

I really want to be able to laugh. I want to be able to hope. I want to be able to reach the crest of the hill just once in my life, where I can stand and look back at the long climb, feeling the sheer exhaustion of it all, but knowing that I have, at worst, level ground for a while.

The egregious disparity between the exit polls (legitimate technology for ascertaining whether or not an election in a 3rd world country can be regarded as valid) and the published 'actual' results leave very little doubt that the fix was in. Why else would the Bushes, so posed in their residence around 8PM Tuesday evening, appear so smirkingly jovial on national TV?

Maybe it is my upbringing. Mom was largely responsible for endowing me with a severe negative reaction to being 'taken.' I'm trying very hard to see the silver lining in this immense black cloud that hovers over the home of the brave and the land of the free today.

Yes, there had to be massive voter fraud. But it could not have been accomplished without willing accomplices -- among them, the actual 50 million or so Americans who actually did vote for Dubya. What is wrong with you people!!

I read somewhere today amid my bleary-eyed browsing that at least we (those who never voted for the chimp that is) no longer own any result from this government. The deaths of 100,000 plus people is on your hands, not ours. The destruction of our environment will be inscribed on your epitaph, not ours. The collapse of our financial structure will be attributed to you, not us. The heartlessness that is killing our social system and our educational system will be tallied up on your bill, not ours.

I really wanted my next entry to be about the awesome experience I had going on the road to work for change. Maybe next time. Til then, I'm going to just try to understand the depths of greed and ideology that would let a fellow American fuck with my vote. How can you sleep at night? Don't the flames of Hell lick at your very soul? You are indeed damned.