Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's Your Own Damn Fault, Sarah

What a hubbub, all about a recent Family Guy episode in which a young woman with Down syndrome goes out on a date and turns out to be overly demanding and insensitive to her would-be beau. Just do a search on 'family guy down syndrome' if you've missed this story.

Sarah Palin got in an uproar about the episode and talked about it on the teevee and posted about it on her LookAtMe page, and her daughter Bristol even posted about it, too. How terrible of Fox Hollywood to make fun of Sarah's claim to fame among the right-to-lifers! How far is too far, they moaned.

But how exactly did the writers (and performers) of the animated show mock Trig (the child nobody but Sarah is allowed to politicize)?

They didn't.

Show me where in the episode there is any reference or similarity to Trig. Show me where anyone makes fun of someone with Down syndrome. Show me where someone makes fun of Sarah Palin, even. You won't find it because it isn't there.

Chris asks Ellen out on a date (Family Guy, 2-14-2010)

So why did Sarah Palin get all in a tizzy about the show?

There's only one line, one part of one line, that ties the character Ellen with Sarah Palin:
My dad’s an accountant, and my mom is the former governor of Alaska.

Now, if the Family Guy writers wanted to add a touch of real-life connectivity to what Ellen says in the show, where do they go? Why, there's Sarah Palin, rearing her head ever since April 2008, making sure everyone knows what a saint she is because she decided to give birth to a Down syndrome baby!

Who else in popular culture do you think of? And whose fault is it that Sarah is firmly linked with this image of having a child with trisomy-g (Tri-g)?

Sarah, girl, you set yourself up as the automatic link, and nobody did that but you. You did it for your own self-aggrandizement, for your own political gain. You did it, Sarah. Every day in every way possible, you did it yourself.  And you keep on doing it.

There was no infant boy in the show and no two-year-old boy in the show either. There was no mention at all of the word 'retarded,' by the way.  Boy wants to date a girl he goes to school with. He finds the self-confidence to ask her out, and discovers that girl is incredibly demanding, much too much for his taste. Girl happens to have Down syndrome but she is far from helpless or pitiable as portrayed in the episode. There is no similarity to anything in your life or your family's lives, Sarah, except for Ellen saying her mother was once governor of Alaska. 

Would that Trig will grow up to be as fully functioning as Ellen (voiced by Andrea Friedman) is, both in character and out.  A good first step would be for you to stop insisting he's a victim.

If you were really bugged by this show, you've got nobody to blame but yourself.  Grow up already.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Revisiting Preemies and How Many Trigs?

In August, 2009, I put up a post on how unusual "Trig" looked on the day of his birth, titled What a 5-Week Preemie Really Looks Like. I place Trig's name in quotes here because now we don't know for sure how many kids have played Trig since April, 2008. It seems as though renting or borrowing babies may be something that comes easy for Sarah Palin.

A closer examination of pictures of "Trig" from birth to present reveal that his features have been changing in ways that don't happen to real children! If you haven't already, please examine for yourself:

  1. "Trig" at his baby shower early in May, 2008


  2. "Trig" on the campaign trail a few months later

For a great deal more information on this topic of many Trigs, please see Gryphen's and Bree's blogs for their excellent write-ups.

Psst... the ears, it's the ears...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Letter to Levi Johnston

Hey there, Levi. Ever since you got dragged onto the national stage as Bristol Palin's betrothed, I've had my eye on you. I mean, after all, you were intimate with someone in the Palin household and when Sarah got introduced to us all, we really wanted information about the Palin household.

I see you've tried to make the best of what is probably a really rotten situation. Your gal Bristol dumped you (was she enticed by the offer of a Cadillac or was it she had the hots for another guy?) and since then you've done your level best to be a good father to Tripp (whose last name was originally announced as Johnston). Sarah blew your cover on the electrician job on the slope although I don't know why your dad couldn't fix that up for you. So you started reaching out via the media and found yourself taking deals with glossy mags and even Playgirl. I hold no grudge against you for that, and in fact, find you to be an attractive young guy. I'm sorry that I'm way too old for you and probably shouldn't be saying that but hey, that's the way it goes.

But what I really want to write to you about is your former possible future mother-in-law. She's been prancing around the stage with her ultra-short skirts, her faux hair, her high heels and manicured fingers, and of course gobs of makeup over a plasticene face (courtesy of some surgeon). That in itself would be just fine except, because she is a ditz who once shared a ticket with John McCain, she makes national news whenever a piece of gravel falls from her perfectly pouty lips... The health care debate, for example, was derailed for days if not weeks because she claimed the proposed legislation would create a "death panel." Of course that was totally false. But just because she said it, it was repeated ad nauseum and continues to this day to be something that mindless minions believe.

Let me sum up here. The longer she remains someone that a certain small demographic cling to, the longer our national dialogue on some very important issues is clouded with her stupidity. I know and you know that there is information you have that could blow her out of the water. I know that she and her daughter are doing their best to drain you of any financial resources you may have or may even hope to have. I know that the longer you remain silent (out of some dutiful or honorable notion regarding Bristol), the less likely it is that we can finally send Sarah back to the wilds of Alaska where (forgive me, dear ones in Alaska) she should remain forever banished.

It's time, past time even, Levi, for you to say what you know and/or get your book out. And I'm not talking about revealing that Sarah likes crunchwraps. It's time for you and Mercede and even your dear mom to tell -- once and for all -- what you know about the Palin clan (mafia, if you prefer). Don't succumb to fear. It's clear that either they will get you, or you will get them. I know which option I'd prefer. Please think about it, but don't take too long!

What's holding you back? Let us know. You have a lot of support down here in the lower 48. Reach out, we can and will help.

Best wishes,


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sarah Palin - Queen of Fools

Sarah getting her hair sprayed...
We've all heard Bush the younger's infamous misstatement: "There's an old saying in Tennessee, I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee that says, 'Fool me once... shame on, shame on you.  [But] fool me, can't get fooled again."

Of course, the old saying really goes like this:  "Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me."

If there's one thing that really burns my oatmeal, it's getting fooled.  I'm not talking about April Fool's pranks, or any good-natured ribbing.  I'm talking about being fooled by someone who calculates what they are doing and plays me for the fool with malice intent.  Or, let's say, with premeditated purpose that essentially says, "Screw you, I'm going to do and say what I need to in order to advance my own agenda."

Those who are regular readers of H&HT know that Sarah Palin has fooled a lot of people into thinking she gave birth (in miraculous fashion) to a Down Syndrome child. Her acidic and avid lawyer has never (not once!) called anyone out for saying so. Sarah Palin has fooled countless thousands of devout ultra-Christians, winning their support, for this massive foolery.  There are too many links to list that show how she's pulled the wool over the eyes of her slavering minions (yes, C4P people, talking to you...).

Here are some other ways Sarah is fooling and continues to fool people.
  1. Climate change
  2. Resigning, mid-term, from the Alaska governorship in order to work for Alaska
  3. Selling that jet on E-Bay
  4. Being a champion of women
  5. Pretending to run for office (POTUS) in order to garner funds for SarahPAC  (here, and here, and here)
The folks who believe in Sarah keep sending her Fund Trust money and her PAC money. Maybe they even send her money directly.  Maybe they don't realize that she is no longer "just like them..."  She owns several properties, several houses, a Cadillac, she gets paid twice as much for a single speech as most families earn in a single year.  She has a plane, lots of snowmobile toys, a gig on Fox television, private jets to shuttle her around, and she's playing to weaknesses and fears in middle America.  Plus she gets someone to apply hairspray.  I can't even imagine that.

She's fooling many, and she keeps trying to fool more.

When you realize someone is fooling you, how do you feel?  I feel totally sucky about it, so bad in fact that I can imagine someone denying what has become obvious truth in order to preserve my own sense of not-suckiness...!

We each must always guard against foolers.  Sarah Palin happens to excel at it.  Take note.  Otherwise, shame on you.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Short 'n' Sweet - Presumption

So okay, I was an advanced placement A student. I have kids and was a soccer mom for a time. I was on the board of, and later 2-term president of, an educational non-profit. Later still, I was the president of a for-profit, handcrafted gift importing and distribution company who can list several measurable accomplishments. I was born in the US, have a strong spiritual streak, and attended five colleges. I believe in continuous education. Am I a good candidate for President of the US?


I want someone smarter than me, someone much more capable of handling stress, someone who has taken a serious interest in domestic and foreign policy. Someone who is well-studied in economics, the environment, our history and our Constitution. Someone who reads 10 times as many non-fiction books as I do in any given period. Someone who refrains from cheap shots and someone who has the patience and will to keep trying to scale impossible walls with grace and aplomb.

Anyone as provably ill-prepared as Sarah Palin is for any public trust role, much less the highest office in our government, who declares that she would most certainly consider running for the Presidency, must be disabused of that notion with all due haste. Who among you, good readers, figures that based on your ordinary life experience you would make a good President? Certainly not I.

The ego it must take, the self-delusion it implies, for Sarah to entertain such a notion is truly mind-boggling. Where do you get off, Sarah? In spite of what you and some of your minions seem to believe, God doesn't call people into politics. God is not on the side of one nation or another. God doesn't care who wins the Superbowl or who gets the gold in the Olympics, either. And it isn't God's fault that earthquakes and floods happen or snowstorms cripple cities or Down Syndrome babies are conceived. And God will never take sides in a Presidential race. To think otherwise is to spurn the notion that we have "free will."

Love your freedom? Use it to educate yourself... learn how to tell who is a class A charlatan. Hint: who, personally, is raking in the dough?

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Short 'n' Sweet - 'Nuff Said!

This is Sarah Palin's palm during the scripted Q&A after her cotton candy headliner at the "Tea Party Convention:"

Credit for photo: Palin's Tea Party Crib Notes.

She can't remember "Energy, Budget cuts, Tax, Lift American Spirits......"

Not like she's unfamiliar with that mantra, eh? And... what's that beef again you have with a teleprompter, Sarah? Not like you gave YOUR speech without the benefits of notes you looked down at every few seconds, eh what?

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Short 'n' Sweet - Superbowl and Snow

Isn't it a pity that the "news" of this weekend is at least as much about the massive snowstorm that buried the mid-Atlantic states and tomorrow's Superbowl as it is about the Teaparty?

And honestly, doesn't Teaparty sound like something you did as a young child, a young girl-child, with stuffed animals as your fellow partiers?

I heard a Palin apologist today explain why Sarah is popular.  She said that Sarah sits down at her kitchen table with the rest of her family to figure out how to pay bills.  Just like you and I do, working within a family budget. I guess that apologist hasn't heard about Sarah's rise to stardom and her $100,000 a pop speaking fees, and the million dollars from her own PAC that she spent basically on herself, or her $1,250,000 (minimum) advance for "Going Rogue."

If I owned several pieces of real estate, along with 2 impressive houses, 3 luxury cabins, 2 outiftted snowmobile garage-workshops, a cadillac, and still had enough left over to hire a private jet and do my hair and nails regularly ... I wouldn't put myself in the category of most hard-working middle-class Americans anymore.  Would you?

Friday, February 05, 2010

Short 'n' Sweet - A Challenge

I firmly believe that Sarah Palin was NOT pregnant with Trig Van Paxson Palin when she announced that she was, just a day after John McCain got the nod as the Republican presidential candidate. Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy with Trig for a variety of reasons, but an important reason was that "choosing life" when she supposedly knew (from week 13!!) that this child would have Down Syndrome would serve as a tremendous boost to her cred with the religious right.

In order to disprove this statement, all Sarah Palin (or Todd Palin or any member of her family) has to do is provide medical records showing the care and treatment she received during this (fake) pregnancy. Who saw Sarah Palin obviously pregnant in late February or March or early April 2008? At the store. At the doctor's office. At a sporting event. At a government function. On the airplane to or from Texas in mid-April. At the Mat-Su clinic where she supposedly gave birth. Anyone?

An independent DNA test would work best, of course. What do you say, Sarah?

Sarah Palin is very good at one thing -- fooling people. Just take a look at some of the e-mails that MSNBC finally got from the state of Alaska. She knew full well that she'd have to fudge about a lot of things in order to rip off the taxpayers in Alaska. Children's travel. Per Diem while living at home. Getting her tanning bed hooked up. Dumping security detail during her trip to Texas when she supposedly went into labor. And she's still fooling people. But that's the subject of another Short 'n' Sweet.

The challenge stands. Who can certify that Sarah actually gave birth to Trig? And if you have no verifiable evidence to offer, why do you just take what she says for granted when she's been proven to lie many times before?

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Short 'n' Sweet (+ Preface) - Tax Cheat

My hard-working fellow bloggers and commenters have been so on the ball lately that it is difficult for me to come up with an idea for a good post! Yet, I still experience my own personal outrages daily and maybe the best thing to do -- since I haven't been able to settle down and find the time to do a decent well-researched post -- is just to at least lay out what boggles my mind today in a segment I'll call "Short 'n' Sweet." Which brings us to the latest Palin grifter scam and how it is being excused by the Palin bots. (Read up at Mudflats for the full story, or visit HuffPo because it's there, too.)

I don't know how it works in Alaska, being a frontier state and all that, where women are pitbulls and men wear silk boxers and governors quit in the middle of their terms but that's okay. Here in West Virginia when you make a substantial or significant change to your property (such as building a house on an empty lot) you are supposed to tell your local taxing authority about the change you made. In our case we get a little form mailed to us each year where we list our vehicles and any mobile homes we have, plus any additions to our dwelling -- in other words, anything other than routine maintenance we do, we are supposed to list on this form along with the value of the improvement.

Maybe they don't have those kind of forms in Alaska and maybe the local taxing authority doesn't care whether or not they are paid what the rules say they should be paid. All I know is if you are as God-fearing and upstanding and patriotic and honest as Sarah Palin pretends to be, you'd for sure let your local taxing authority know your empty lot got converted into a vacation retreat plus professional snowmachine workshop long about the time you completed such construction. Wouldn't you?

Yet the Palin bots don't seem to mind that their goddess talks the talk but when it comes to walking the walk, she can't even stand up.