Thursday, February 11, 2010

Short 'n' Sweet - Presumption

So okay, I was an advanced placement A student. I have kids and was a soccer mom for a time. I was on the board of, and later 2-term president of, an educational non-profit. Later still, I was the president of a for-profit, handcrafted gift importing and distribution company who can list several measurable accomplishments. I was born in the US, have a strong spiritual streak, and attended five colleges. I believe in continuous education. Am I a good candidate for President of the US?


I want someone smarter than me, someone much more capable of handling stress, someone who has taken a serious interest in domestic and foreign policy. Someone who is well-studied in economics, the environment, our history and our Constitution. Someone who reads 10 times as many non-fiction books as I do in any given period. Someone who refrains from cheap shots and someone who has the patience and will to keep trying to scale impossible walls with grace and aplomb.

Anyone as provably ill-prepared as Sarah Palin is for any public trust role, much less the highest office in our government, who declares that she would most certainly consider running for the Presidency, must be disabused of that notion with all due haste. Who among you, good readers, figures that based on your ordinary life experience you would make a good President? Certainly not I.

The ego it must take, the self-delusion it implies, for Sarah to entertain such a notion is truly mind-boggling. Where do you get off, Sarah? In spite of what you and some of your minions seem to believe, God doesn't call people into politics. God is not on the side of one nation or another. God doesn't care who wins the Superbowl or who gets the gold in the Olympics, either. And it isn't God's fault that earthquakes and floods happen or snowstorms cripple cities or Down Syndrome babies are conceived. And God will never take sides in a Presidential race. To think otherwise is to spurn the notion that we have "free will."

Love your freedom? Use it to educate yourself... learn how to tell who is a class A charlatan. Hint: who, personally, is raking in the dough?
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