Monday, February 22, 2010

Revisiting Preemies and How Many Trigs?

In August, 2009, I put up a post on how unusual "Trig" looked on the day of his birth, titled What a 5-Week Preemie Really Looks Like. I place Trig's name in quotes here because now we don't know for sure how many kids have played Trig since April, 2008. It seems as though renting or borrowing babies may be something that comes easy for Sarah Palin.

A closer examination of pictures of "Trig" from birth to present reveal that his features have been changing in ways that don't happen to real children! If you haven't already, please examine for yourself:

  1. "Trig" at his baby shower early in May, 2008


  2. "Trig" on the campaign trail a few months later

For a great deal more information on this topic of many Trigs, please see Gryphen's and Bree's blogs for their excellent write-ups.

Psst... the ears, it's the ears...
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