Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Sometimes I feel like I've fallen down the rabbit hole and entered a wacky wonderland where the truth is told but it is a lie, where good and evil are reversed.

Now anyone who dares to disagree with the naked emperor is a terrorist, or a terrorist supporter (which is worse than being a terrorist because terrorists hide and rarely get caught but the supporters are right out there in the open, living what they think is a regular life).

It makes it so easy, doesn't it? Don't like someone? Turn them in for being a terrorist supporter. Want to discredit someone? Call them a terrorist supporter. After all, who among us wants more terrorism?

This is what happens when people are not educated. How can you think consciously about anything, how can you evaluate and discriminate and ruminate if you lack basic education in critical thinking? Heck, how can you form a decent opinion about foreign policy when you can't even find Japan on a globe? Or when you're functionally illiterate?

Today's mantra. George Bush is Pinky. Cheney is The Brain. "What're we gonna do today, huh huh Brain?"
Talk about absurd.. on hearing about suicide bombings, our leaders declare (with fervor!) that they will not rest until they "get" those responsible.

Wake up, man, they're dead already.