Thursday, October 28, 2010

Random Thoughts on the Eve of 2010 Elections

What is with Joe Miller's whiskers?  He's never clean shaven but that shadow never grows into a beard.

Why is it that only Teapublican people are caught being violent toward those who hold opposing political views?

If Nevada really dumps Reid for Angle, I will have to excommunicate NV from my "great states to visit" list.

Does anyone really and truly think that restoring Republican dominance in Congress will help the middle class?  Or put a damper on corporate greed and fraud?

Sarah Palin has spawned a slew of new grifters who seem to think they can improve their personal financial situation by running for office, even if they don't win: for example, O'Donnell and Miller.

Why are so many Teapublicans afraid of speaking with the press?  And don't give me that line that the media is controlled by liberals.  It sounds like they just don't want people to learn what they really want to do to our country, otherwise, why not broadcast it at every opportunity?  Same goes for Democrats, by the way.

Does anyone care that our social programs save lives, restore families, and help keep America together?

When did this extreme us vs them begin, with the "great uniter," GWBush?  That's what I think and it's only accelerated from there.

Who gave the Xtians the right to try to impose their "religious" (and yes, I quoted that word on purpose) beliefs on everyone in the country!?  You believe it, you practice it. But in the name of freedom FROM religion, don't try to legislate your beliefs and force everyone to comply.

The most brilliant move made by progressives in the last 5 years is the founding of Republicorp!  No wonder Rand Paul's mob felt like they had to stomp it.

Rachel's show in Alaska was outstanding.  Rachel is outstanding.

Jon Stewart is one in a million.

I'll still vote for Manchin, but it will be in spite of his pro-gun anti-healthcare stance.  Shame on you, Manchin.