Friday, February 05, 2010

Short 'n' Sweet - A Challenge

I firmly believe that Sarah Palin was NOT pregnant with Trig Van Paxson Palin when she announced that she was, just a day after John McCain got the nod as the Republican presidential candidate. Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy with Trig for a variety of reasons, but an important reason was that "choosing life" when she supposedly knew (from week 13!!) that this child would have Down Syndrome would serve as a tremendous boost to her cred with the religious right.

In order to disprove this statement, all Sarah Palin (or Todd Palin or any member of her family) has to do is provide medical records showing the care and treatment she received during this (fake) pregnancy. Who saw Sarah Palin obviously pregnant in late February or March or early April 2008? At the store. At the doctor's office. At a sporting event. At a government function. On the airplane to or from Texas in mid-April. At the Mat-Su clinic where she supposedly gave birth. Anyone?

An independent DNA test would work best, of course. What do you say, Sarah?

Sarah Palin is very good at one thing -- fooling people. Just take a look at some of the e-mails that MSNBC finally got from the state of Alaska. She knew full well that she'd have to fudge about a lot of things in order to rip off the taxpayers in Alaska. Children's travel. Per Diem while living at home. Getting her tanning bed hooked up. Dumping security detail during her trip to Texas when she supposedly went into labor. And she's still fooling people. But that's the subject of another Short 'n' Sweet.

The challenge stands. Who can certify that Sarah actually gave birth to Trig? And if you have no verifiable evidence to offer, why do you just take what she says for granted when she's been proven to lie many times before?
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