Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Short 'n' Sweet (+ Preface) - Tax Cheat

My hard-working fellow bloggers and commenters have been so on the ball lately that it is difficult for me to come up with an idea for a good post! Yet, I still experience my own personal outrages daily and maybe the best thing to do -- since I haven't been able to settle down and find the time to do a decent well-researched post -- is just to at least lay out what boggles my mind today in a segment I'll call "Short 'n' Sweet." Which brings us to the latest Palin grifter scam and how it is being excused by the Palin bots. (Read up at Mudflats for the full story, or visit HuffPo because it's there, too.)

I don't know how it works in Alaska, being a frontier state and all that, where women are pitbulls and men wear silk boxers and governors quit in the middle of their terms but that's okay. Here in West Virginia when you make a substantial or significant change to your property (such as building a house on an empty lot) you are supposed to tell your local taxing authority about the change you made. In our case we get a little form mailed to us each year where we list our vehicles and any mobile homes we have, plus any additions to our dwelling -- in other words, anything other than routine maintenance we do, we are supposed to list on this form along with the value of the improvement.

Maybe they don't have those kind of forms in Alaska and maybe the local taxing authority doesn't care whether or not they are paid what the rules say they should be paid. All I know is if you are as God-fearing and upstanding and patriotic and honest as Sarah Palin pretends to be, you'd for sure let your local taxing authority know your empty lot got converted into a vacation retreat plus professional snowmachine workshop long about the time you completed such construction. Wouldn't you?

Yet the Palin bots don't seem to mind that their goddess talks the talk but when it comes to walking the walk, she can't even stand up.
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