Saturday, March 28, 2009

Time to Unite

[Edited to add: See new post on this topic above]

Today we have heard much sad news.

First of all, blogger Celtic Diva is being assaulted by e-mails (too obscene to repeat) and phone calls and a promise to be stalked and ambushed by "Fox News" aka Faux Noise.

Then we learn that AKM, of the progressive blog Mudflats, has been stalked also -- by a Democratic representive named Doogan.  He must be feeling pretty good that he unmasked a blogger and exposed his/her identity in an e-mail sent to his constituents.

I've wiped away my tears and decided it is time to stop pussy-footing around with these a-holes.  Here is Doogan's contact info, please let him know NOW that his research is in violation of every ethical rule:

PHONE: (907) 465-4998
FAX: (907) 465-4419
ADDRESS: AK State Capitol
Room # 112
Juneau, AK 99801

Call Doogan’s NUMBER: 907.561.7990

As for the Sarasites who plague Celtic Diva, just let Faux Noise know that we know that Bill O'Reilly's tactics attempting to intimidate people won't fly here.  Let them know that falafel-loofah Bill is well known for his unwanted advances.  Tell them in no uncertain terms that their harassment of law-abiding citizens is not only unwarranted but unwelcome and potentially illegal.

And let SarahPAC and RedState and Conservatives4Palin know that the vicious, foul, racist comments their members are sending to Celtic Diva just confirm that their organizations are corrupt and violent.  Watch for the law to knock on your doors.

I thank Sarah Palin for much of this, given that she is brilliant at inciting violence and hatred of anyone who dares challenge her ethics, her governance (or lack thereof), and her most royal high queen-ness.

Links will be embedded later when I have a chance.  You know who you are in the meantime.  Shame on you all.... SHAME.
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