Thursday, March 19, 2009

Current GINO Miscellany

Cashing In On Trig - Again

"Governor Sarah Palin Will Make Special Guest Appearance at Vanderburgh County Right to Life Event" reads an announcement at
Excitement is mounting at Vanderburgh County Right to Life as Governor Sarah Palin’s visit to attend the banquet draws near. According to Mary Ellen Van Dyke, Executive Director, “Sarah Palin is an exemplary role model for all with her dedication to her faith, her family, and her country. She is an outstanding pro-life leader.”
Apparently all you have to do is get elected Governor and then claim you decided not to abort a child with Down Syndrome to become an "outstanding pro-life leader."  It must not matter if you use your children as campaign props, have them fill in for you at state functions, let them miss months of school, let them drop out of school, get pregnant at 16 and/or 17 and then not get married...  I wouldn't call that exemplary, but then I'm not a "right-to-lifer" either.  :)

Delaying Decisions

In spite of the fact that Juneau Democrats have put forward one name only (Beth Kerttula's) as a replacement for Kim Elton's State Senate seat, GINO invited others to apply and will now interview some of the candidates who put their names forward.  By law, the replacement must be selected 30 days from March 2, when Elton left to join President Obama's cabinet. Perhaps GINO is weighing what sort of fallout she'd get by ignoring the Democrats' suggestion.

Colberg the Mayor?

When Talis Colberg abruptly resigned on February 10 as Alaska's Attorney General, he said he was moving on to "pursue other opportunities."  On March 2 Mayor of Matanuska-Susitna Borough (Mad Zoo), Curt Menard, succumbed to cancer.  The Borough Assembly passed an ordinance on March 17 calling for an election and Talis "Troopergate-Enabler" Colberg was the first to apply.

Colberg believes he has "the experience, the ability and the desire to be a good mayor."  He's learned how to shine GINO's boots, and she used to be a mayor. I don't know what that portends for Mad Zoo, but I don't think it's all good.  Nobody else has expressed a desire to run for the position yet.

Palin Just Says NO to Stimulus Funds

GINO wants money only when there are no strings attached, so she will only accept funds for capital projects.  That means programs for education, health care and energy research will not receive intended funding.  GINO is turning down those bucks, apparently, because the state would be obligated to continue the programs after the funding runs out.  I'd like to know what kind of capital projects need no maintenance into the future.

According to President Obama at a town hall meeting in California today, only a small handful of Governors (2 -3) have said they will refuse funds intended for social, community, and environmental programs.  He urged the people who live in those states to let their Governors and Legislatures know how they feel about it.
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