Saturday, March 21, 2009

So, Who's Whining and Why?

As most of my readers know already, GINO's recent personal financial report reveals that the Guv owes nearly half a million in legal fees to the firm for which Van Flein works.  It's actually comforting, in some way, that Van Flein actually charged GINO for his "services" wherein he acted as the AK Personnel Board's chosen one to examine the Guv's involvement in the pressure to get Walt Monegan and Trooper Wooten fired for a personal grudge.


I was in the kitchen prepping dinner when it struck me... GINO is whining yet again, saying she'll have to set up a special fund (hear that, TeamSarah?  SarahPAC?) to solicit funds to pay her ginormous legal bills.

But how did she get in such a position in the first place?  Shouldn't you ask before you contribute to the "FREE SARAH" fund?

Ethics complaint #1 -- she and her staff and her husband, against the specific advice of the divorce judge for cryin' out loud, kept hounding Wooten and his employer and his union and revealed information in his private personnel file in a failed attempt to get Wooten (GINO's sister's ex-husband) fired as a Trooper.  When that didn't work, GINO fired the boss of all public safety officials in Alaska, claiming that he was insubordinate and a rogue cabinet member.  This came just a month or two after the same GINO praised said cabinet member for his hard work, dedication and efficacy in his job.

Ethics complaints #2-8 -- GINO has consistently failed to separate the personal from the public.  She charged the state for airfare and lodging for her children, when they accompanied her on travel.  She involved her state staff in her personal political ambitions over and over.  She's used the State Web site to address personal political issues.  There is a line, and GINO seems not to know where that line is.  For her, if it is about her, it is about her even though and because she is also Governor.  She'll post announcements about her children on the official site, she'll also post announcements flaming media outlets on the official site, she'll also post announcements about her daughter and her daughter's illegitimately born child there...

GINO does not understand ethics.  Not the basics, much less the advanced.  Everything is always about her, and as long as she is Governor, she'll use state paid staff, Web sites, and her own Alaska-paid time to plan, deal with, advertise, socialize, and proselytize about future state and/or national political offices.

My feeling?  If GINO had not acted unethically, there would have been no probes, no investigations, no complaints.  Anyone who contributes to GINO's "legal fund" is throwing precious money into a burning pit.  Good luck with that.
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