Saturday, March 28, 2009

It May As Well Be Rape, Sir

To Mike Doogan, Alaskan Democrat, member of the AK House of Representatives:

You took something from AKMuckraker that you can never give back - his/her privacy.  You violated him/her, against his/her clearly stated wishes.  What you've done can't be undone.

Unmasking Avenger or Privacy Rapist? 

I'm dumbfounded that you thought so highly of your own opinion about whether bloggers should remain anonymous that you felt justified to invade AKM's privacy.  I'm appalled that you used government time and resources to reveal AKM's identity to all your constituents and to the rest of the world by publishing your e-news on as well.  Did you ever pause to consider what repercussions your irreversible actions might have -- for AKM, or for you?

No, probably not.

Do you value privacy at all?  There are laws concerning the invasion of privacy.  Did you consider that you may be breaking laws by 'outing' AKMuckraker in the way you did?

Where are your ethics, sir?  Where is your sense of decency?  Why do you think it is your job to mete out 'justice' in this way?  How can you compare the Mudflats blog to a KKK lynching?

Do you know AKMuckraker at all?  Do you have any idea of how passionate his/her blog's followers are?  Do you know how legion they are? Do you realize the can of worms you've opened for yourself, and by extension, your family?

I doubt it.

And just like your fellow Alaskan, the GINO, you probably don't think you did anything wrong.  If you don't resign or get hit with a law suit first, I certainly hope your current constituents let you know how they feel about your crusade the next time you are up for re-election.

Shame on you.  Truly.

NOTE: I will be editing to add more links to sites that have weighed in on this incident as I find them - and the list keeps growing.

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