Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh Really, Sarah?

One of the tweets from the twit who acts as if she is still a governor says:

Oh really? And just how do you think such tragedies can be averted in the future? This was the worst coal mining disaster in decades. According to the Washington Post,
The industry's influence in Washington was highlighted several years ago during a fight over safety legislation co-sponsored by then-senator Barack Obama. The 2007 bill would have allowed MSHA to issue subpoenas and to more easily shut down troublesome mines.
But according to Mrs. Todd Palin, government intervention in private industry is what is destroying our country. Go figure that Barack Obama, now our President and prime target for the failed VP candidate from last election, thought mine safety was important enough to sponsor a bill about while he was doing nothing as a Senator, if you believe the Grifter Queen.

So how, pray tell, how would you -- Mrs. Palin -- work to eliminate the awful heartache just suffered by our West Virginia coal-mining families? What do you have to offer? Smaller government? Less regulation? Freedom for the coal industry to crank up and make more money? What good is a wage if you die while earning it?

It's immensely disappointing and even disturbing that many residents of West Virginia's coal mining towns think you care about them, Sarah, when everything you seem to support would work to kill them even faster than now. Health care? Pooh. Get a job! Pre-existing conditions? (Think black lung.) Bah. Tough luck for you. Crippled in a mine explosion? Ha! Get your community to bring you casseroles, but don't stop mining that coal because after all, it's energy and you all know energy = security! Bring a law suit against the coal companies? No way! How will they survive if you put a dent in their multi-million dollar lobbying efforts!

I really dislike hypocrisy, and that, my friends, is Sarah's true name. She could give a sh!t about those who died at MontCoal. She has no clue why they died or what to do to keep such a horrid event from happening again. Her tweet about being sorry is nothing more than theatre.
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