Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Happy Birthday," Trig

April 18 2008 - the day that God Almighty blessed Sarah Palin with a gift beyond compare, a child with an extra chromosome. Or so the story goes. In loving memory of this grand lie, let us have another look at Sister Sarah just a week or so before she had her miracle birth.

On the left, we have (ta da!) Sarah Palin, taken from a video of her on or about April 8 -- when Elan Frank visited Alaska to film her.  On the right, we have a woman who is actually 7 months pregnant.

Interesting that we have heard nothing about or from Elan Frank since then!

Anyway, the child most of the world knows as Trig, even though you didn't emerge from Sarah Palin's womb and even though your real birth date is not likely to be April 18, 2008, please know that a lot of people care about you and hope you are doing well -- getting the special help you need, even if your so-called mother is not the one providing it.

Happy Birthday, Trig.

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