Friday, September 09, 2005

Remember September 11, "The Day That Changed Everything..."

but what about August 28 and 29 and 30 and ...

If the slaughter of 3000 or so citizens of this great United States could change everything, then what about this slaughter of 10,000 citizens? Where is the catch phrase that will permit us to focus on the systemic problems that birthed the death of an entire American city?

I remember thinking .. "Huh?" when every official and the parroting media started saying, "This changes everything," or "Nothing will be the same, now." I thought, well, hey, something pretty incredible just happened alright, but why should that change who we hold ourselves to be? Honest, moral, just, forgiving, welcoming, free, symbols of all that can be good in our world... But oh how everything did change.

We turned into obsessive vengeful ghouls, casting aside decency and morality and patience and yes, even basic intelligence. We slavered and growled, we taunted and mocked, we used our treasure to spoil a hundred years of developed world manners and invaded a sovereign nation based on LIES. Lies freely spouted but carefully concocted, rehearsed and propped up, lies painstakingly designed to incite us to slaver even more with the urge for revenge.

The poor dear peoples of Iraq, already burdened by the dictator we had imposed upon them, became 'rag-heads' and scum, the focus of our collective scorn and hatred. Stop! we yelled, but of course we yelled it in English and they were confused so we slaughtered them too.

So what shall be the new battle cry in this immense disaster? Pray to GOD! No one is to blame! Bah. I pray that the incompetence and negligence and willful ignorance that Katrina has exposed will truly change everything. It is long past time that we work toward equalizing the have nots and the haves. It is way past time for this administration's egregious policies to be laid bare for all to see the outcomes. This is what happens when the rich bitches get away with murder. Murder happens.

I do pray for you, New Orleans, and for all the people who have been displaced, drowned, corralled, transplanted, separated, and suffocated with empty promises. Lord have mercy.