Friday, September 09, 2005

The President Who Lost a Whole American City

...may well be Bush's epitaph and the legacy that albatrosses his neck in the picture painted for posterity by the history books.

Purposeful degradation of the federal government's ability to respond has resulted in the deaths of untold thousands of our own citizens but also the shameful loss of untold billions of dollars in commerce. The latter is why even Bush's normal flunkies are spitting mad at the string of decisions that led to the loss of an entire American city.

Katrina was one thing. People can rebuild their homes and businesses, it would have been hard. But the drowning of New Orleans and its environs is a different story. The city has been declared dead. Residents have been replaced by gun-toting militia of all stripes.

"No, former residents, you must leave to make way for Halliburton who will take care of the rebuilding. Sorry about your jobs and lives, go settle down elsewhere. New Orleans will be better than before, mostly because you won't be a part of it."


Anonymous said...

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The_Lady_Eve said...

I agree! I have no idea why our administration is getting a free pass on so many issues...what really gets me is that Cheney only just now went down to survey the Katrina aftermath. The vice president is really supposed to interrupt his vacation for stuff like disaster relief. It makes me really mad.
Keep it up, you've got a great blog!