Thursday, September 15, 2005

"The Aftermath Will Be a Cakewalk"

Remember the rosy predictions about the state of Iraq after our unwarranted, immoral, and by international standards illegal invasion? We were supposed to conjure images of thankful Iraqi children strewing flower petals at the feet of our brave soldiers as they marched their victory march through the streets of Baghdad. We were led to believe the people would pay us obeisance for relieving them from the misery of a brutal dictator who cut off ears and fingers on a whim, for whom mass murder was just another day at the office, someone who reveled in the thought of spraying poison gas on thousands at a time.

I now find it hard to see where the fabrications end. We had to have worked hard ("It's hard wurk!") to paint Saddam Hussein as Satan, Osama, Hitler all rolled into one. Given that the tales we were told by our "We will restore honor and dignity to the White House" administration about WMDs in Iraq and about the post-invasion scenario turned out to be total falsehoods, I have to sprinkle at least a few grains of salt on the stories about how disgusting and awful Saddam and his sons were.

But that's not what was on my mind for the blog today. Ever since it became clear that what we were told about the Iraqi people's welcome was way, way off base, some anonymous administration official lets slip, from time to time, a short-term prediction. That prediction always is, "because of [insert latest move toward 'democracy' here], the [terrorists | insurgents | foreign fighters | Zarqawi | Al Qaeda in Iraq | etc, etc] will try to make things worse so expect more bombings and disruption and terrorist activities."

I am getting very tired of this pathetic singsong excuse, how about you? If every deadline for "democracy" we set causes hundreds or thousands to die, why do we keep doing it? Bushco seeks to validate its slow but unending assimilation of Iraqi Oil and other assets by asserting that "terrorists hate freedom" and you can see that to be true by how much resistance they put up whenever Bushco inches forward with its plans. Such resistance can only be dealt with by applying even more force, and to hell with the damage that results.

What of the "law of opposites" or Karma or the Golden Rule? I do know better and it very much looks, to me, like Bushco wants the conflict in Iraq to continue. It's good for business, which is the only "nashunal intereshtsss" that Bushco recognizes.