Thursday, September 15, 2005

Now Let Us Celebrate the Idiots

In these trying times the dunce rules. And 'dunceness' is celebrated, elevated, and memorialized in our major media. Witness "Blue Collar TV" or many of the current and recent films. I mean to cast no aspersion on Forrest Gump, for the message there was plainly that simplicity may well cover a beauty and depth of heart and compassion that is plainly lost on those more sophisticated. However, with the advent of the Chimp in Charge, the C- student, the man who failed at every venture he ever got involved with, the redneck with the down-home twang and the folksy mannerisms.... suddenly being dumb and out of touch and unable to string a sentence together with real words is something we all misunderestimated the power of ... apparently.


Science and scientists are currently marginalized and their scientific studies are discounted. Medical men, environmentalists, engineers .. their recommendations are spurned. Education has been dumbed down to the ability to answer questions on standardized tests -- no wonder teachers find little reward in their time-honored profession. Evolution is slowly being replaced by schmevolution (thank you Jon Stewart).

Ever since the Emperor got wind that he may not be wearing any clothes, the propaganda has been set into high gear to make idiocy 'cool' and most acceptable.

I don't know about you, and I'm certainly no genius, but one thing I learned as I grew up was, "be around those you want to be like." And I extrapolate that to mean, elevate those who represent the best .. in brains, ethics, sincerity. Down with the intentionally mediocre, the banal, the corrupt.

Down with Bushco and the media blitz designed to make stupid admirable.


Rob Muschlitz said...

Right on !
When the 2004 election was approaching, I said to myself, "You
know, if the people of this country are stupid enough to re-
elect this bozo I need to find another country to live in."
I should have realized after 2000
that the LIAR and his machine were
not going to allow THE PEOPLE to
strip them of their stolen power
prematurely. (before they had a
chance to really f**k up the World)
Unfortunately, our watchdog, the
Press, has been euthanized by corp-
orate media, so the truth of what
these bastards are REALLY doing
rarely sees the light of day.
Pretty soon the internet will be
swallowed up by corporatization.
Our democracy's founders are screaming from the grave; "Can't
you see what they're doing to the
nation! We gave you all these
protections against dictatorial
power, and you let them distract
you with non-issues while robbing
you of your hard fought freedoms
like a thief in the night! Wake up
America! Don't let them do this!"
Franklin warned us; Eisenhower
warned us; Nader warned us, but
chose a bad vehicle. (independent
Presidential campaign, not a Corvair) Lamont beats Lieberman and
what happens the next day? A "near"
terror incident! Just a coincidence? These "people" have
used the media to their own ends
all this time; we can't be sure on
this one yet, but if we can't get
our "watchdog" to report anything
but this administration's talking points we may never know. One thing's for sure; they'll politicize the hell out of it with
all their tried and true rhetoric.
It's the only card they have to play. Fear. Security? How are we
ever going to have that with a
foreign policy that bombs first
and talks only when they run out of
deployable troops? The world sees
all this incompetence, laughs
and does not see our strength;
Liberty and Tolerance of differences. Our enemies don't hate
us because of our freedom; they
hate us for our presumption and
arrogance and imperialism! How
would ANY country react to invasion
not to save but to enslave to some
large corporate interest that is
there only to profit from using
THEIR resources and THEIR people.
Is it really any wonder why many
foreign countries have nationalized
their OIL to protect themselves
from multinational profit concerns?
Free and Fair elections? Only good
to the Bushies if a government allows our profiteers in, damn the
voice of the "natives". Us in the
South used to have a word for it:
But I have digressed, pardon.
The reason why we have a chimp for
President (Actually think that's
giving Dubya a little too much
credit) is several reasons:
1) Easy to control by Rove and
Cheney and Rumsfeld -- the true
power behind the throne.
2) "Appears" like Reagan, a tough
cowboy who'll "stand up" for USA.
3) Was sold as a "man of morals"
to conservatives, and they bought it.
4)"Aw shucks" is appealling to many.
5) "Look at him, he too simple to do too much damage!"

Unfortunately appearance trumped content.