Friday, June 12, 2009

How's Your Self-Esteem Lately, Bristol?

In each of Sarah Palin's public discharges (I can't help but think of the ooze from a pus-filled wound) over the last day or two, she takes the opportunity to ream David Letterman for destroying the self-esteem of young women everywhere. It is with no small amount of head-shaking that I feel it necessary to remind "she who is a media whore from babble on" that she herself is the major factor in destroying her daughters' sense of self-worth.

Think back to the beginning of September, 2008. The GILF (Governor I'd Love to F*** was a frequent descriptor) was chosen as John McCain's running mate. She came with some baggage. Part of the baggage was a legislative investigation into her questionable firing of Walt Monegan. We all know how that turned out—she was found to have abused her power as Governor by the AK State Legislature, but her own Personnel Board simply took her word for the fact that she had no idea members of her family and staff were harassing Monegan to fire her ex-brother-in-law.

The other part of her baggage was this persistent, long-standing rumor that she had faked her supposed 5th pregnancy and that her daughter, Bristol, had in fact, given birth to the DS baby Sarah lugged around on stage during the campaign. Sarah attempted (unsuccessfully) to squash that story by shoving Bristol, then not even 18, onto the public stage by proclaiming that Bristol was now pregnant by "around 5 months." Instead of offering any records that she, Sarah, had given birth to Trig, she outed her 17-yr-old daughter's current pregnancy as a way of saying, "See, she's really pregnant now, so she couldn't have been pregnant before!"

Talk about embarrassing. Bristol was padded and stuffed into tight clothes and displayed on stage at the RNC and carted around throughout the campaign, curiously acting more motherly toward Trig than Sarah ever did. From that time on I felt sorry for Bristol. Her pre-marital sex with someone suddenly became common knowledge across the world. Had my mother done that to me (had I been unfortunate enough to become pregnant as an unwed teen) I would have despised her.

And that wasn't enough! Almost as if Sarah wanted Bristol to pay dearly for her indiscretions, Bristol somehow became a spokesperson for abstinence via Candies' "excuse me" subsidiary. Candies makes money by selling sex to very young girls. They also try to counter the negative publicity from this by running another enterprise that is intended to tell young girls that they should not engage in sexual intercourse -- all the while feeding them images that aim to get them to buy and dress in sexy revealing clothing.

So I ask, what has Sarah Palin done in her own small sphere—her family—to bolster her own daughters' self-esteem? She branded Bristol as an irresponsible youth for whom an equivalency high school diploma is some grand achievement and an out-of-wedlock child is a happy misfortune. Her brazen tossing of Bristol under the bus of her own political aspirations must have sent red flags to Willow, and even if Piper doesn't realize it yet, she too has been demeaned.

For Sarah to essentially call David Letterman a pedophile and a statutory rapist is not an ordinary reaction. It is an extreme over-reaction. It makes me wonder about the rape history in Sarah's family story. You only get that touchy about something that has touched you.

Here's another aspect of Sarah's hypocrisy in her recent blathering. She said in the Matt Lauer video,
Quite, I think, a sad commentary on where we are as a culture, as a society to chuckle and laugh through comments such as he had made the other night. I think it’s quite unfortunate.
But listen here to an audio broadcast where Sarah giggles when radio talk show hosts demean an Alaskan Republican legislator who happened to be recovering from cancer. The shock jocks call Lyda Green a bitch and a cancer. Way to go supporting women, Sarah! You agreed and laughed and never said one word to tamp down the very nasty speech against a fellow female politician IN YOUR OWN PARTY.

Sarah, take it from me. I'm a financial conservative and social liberal. I have three children, one of whom is a daughter. My mother was a dittohead (aka Rush Limbaugh devotee). If you had shown any promise whatsoever, even in one sphere (besides American Talibanism), I would have tried to find reasons to support you. Instead, you spit on me and those like me, because even though we are working women who have raised children while totally supporting our households in ordinary jobs (at less than 1/3 of what you make), you say we do not belong to "real America," whatever that is. What you are doing now, by smacking your lips and getting all in a roar about a late night comedian, is self-defeating. You have chosen to fight a paper dragon. Yet you are no warrior, you are a whiner. You are no lady, you are a tramp. You are no Christian, either, so get off it.

The jokes that Letterman told a couple nights ago were derived from you, the actions you took, the scrutiny you invited, the celebrity you sought and cultivated for you and your vulnerable children. Your daughters' self-esteem problems, whatever they may be, have nothing to do with Letterman compared to what you've already done to them.
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