Monday, June 15, 2009

Compare and Contrast

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of images of Sarah Palin. Most of this photographic record starts with her Alaska gubernatorial run and goes through the McCain-Palin campaign. I've displayed a random sampling of those images in the strip on the left.

I think many of us noticed the sudden and startling shift in Sarah's appearance in her recent cable news interviews. At first I put it down to a different hair-do—a subconscious, perhaps, rebellion against David Letterman's jest that she went to Bloomingdale's to "update her slutty flight attendant look."  After taking a second look, though, I think the contrast cannot be explained by just the hair style change.  Images grabbed from her Matt Lauer interview a few days ago make up the strip on the right.

In my previous post I suggested that something is definitely going on with Sarah, and I am even more sure of it after comparing these images. 

Before           After

These images were taken between the time Sarah Palin ran for Governor in 2006 and end when she finished her campaign to be VP.

These images were taken a few days ago as Sarah Palin spoke with cable news about her outrage over David Letterman's "knocked up" joke.

I wonder if the sea of pee'ers has noticed this physical deterioration in their goddess, and if they think their efforts to raise funds for SarahPAC will be of any help whatsoever. Maybe one of the teabaggers can talk her into sipping a good herbal blend that stimulates the appetite.
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