Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Send Your Question for Levi to Larry!

CNN is reporting that Levi Johnston and family will appear on Larry King Live tomorrow evening (Wednesday, April 22).  They invite you to send in your questions for Larry's guests by video or form.  The feedback form is here.

Here's mine:

"Levi, on the Tyra Banks show we saw a picture of you sitting in the Palin's kitchen cradling Trig when he was an infant.  We also saw a picture of you, taken during the Republican National Convention, where you tenderly kissed Trig while Bristol held him.  Can you explain your unusual (for a 17-yr-old) but obvious affection for this child?

"Also, we've heard that you are a volunteer coach for a Special Olympics hockey team.  What got you interested in devoting time to special needs children?"

So, you know what to do!  Get busy!  And share your feedback in a comment!

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