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Babygate Research: Where We're At

Diana, a valued correspondent and a frequent poster at Palin's Deceptions, has summed up where we are in the citizen investigation regarding Babygate -- the examination of facts as we know them regarding Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy.  With Diana's permission, I am re-posting an excellent comment she left on Audrey's site (Palin's Deceptions).  The only things I've changed are to add some images and a link to Diana's well-researched timeline, and I made a few very minor spelling and grammatical corrections.  I concur with the majority of Diana's suppositions.

I know we can't prove it yet, but I believe beyond a reasonable doubt that Bristol and Levi are Trig's parents and that Trig was born in Feb 2008. For me it seems obvious and the only struggle I have is getting more facts to flush out the final picture.

All the information we have gathered makes it only plausible for Bristol, not Willow, to be Trig's as well as Tripp's mom. Willow was photographed January 15th 2008 when it would have been obvious if she had been pregnant. She was not. She was also still visible and in travel reports going back and forth to school. Not true for Bristol.

It appears Bristol became pregnant mid June of 2007 when she was still 16 and just after she finished her sophomore year in High School. This would have made her due with Trig mid March 2008 if she had carried him to full term.

It is obvious that Bristol was kept out of view and in hiding once she started showing. It seems she was kept hidden until after the baby was born so that Trig could be put up for adoption and a scandal could be avoided.

Bristol moves in with her Aunt and leaves behind all her friends and family and is able to keep anyone in her town from realizing that she is pregnant. They are used to her traveling back and forth to school during the year and they are only hearing rumors, not seeing for themselves she is pregnant.
Look at the timeline. It tells you everything. She is not photographed once from 9-14-2007 until 4-25-2008 when we see her posing with Mercede the night of Mercede's prom. She left school once it might be noticed she was pregnant and moved in with her Aunt. She is off her mom's travel schedule permanently after 10-7-2008 and doesn't attend any events, family or otherwise, again until June... with one exception: she attends the "American Heart Association" luncheon on Feb. 15th which should have had media coverage and photos yet nothing has been found to show Bristol attended. She either had Trig by then or she did not attend.
Remember she was only 16 and just finished her sophomore year when she got pregnant. Her mom taught abstinence and was very vocal and active on this subject. This would have, at the time, been a crisis for the Palin family.  However, if they looked into the future at the decisions and choices that were being made, they might have realized this should have been addressed straight on and with the truth.  The larger crisis was yet to come.

I can't imagine that Sarah ever planned on adopting Trig after Bristol told her she was pregnant.  I think Sarah hoped to keep Bristol's pregnancy private so that her 16 year old could adopt him out without the media finding out and or her friends and Christian following knowing.

Sarah was extremely focused on not losing her momentum in her drive for the national stage. Having an adopted newborn, that was her 16 year old daughter's, would have been very difficult to explain. Not when she could privately adopt him out and avoid the fallout for her daughter's benefit as well as for hers.

However Trig surprised them all by being born a month early, not only with Downs syndrome but with a heart problem, that would need to be watched and addressed possibly needing a future surgery. This is what changed the direction of the plan Sarah had put into place. From everything we know and from all the reports and timelines we have gathered it appears that Trig was born sometime during the month of February 2008.

This was the unexpected catalyst that changed Sarah's direction from adopting Trig out to faking a pregnancy. It appears, Trig having Down syndrome came as a shock to everyone, especially with the problems and health concerns that he would be facing. The information we received from Sarah about knowing Trig had Down syndrome came after the fact and not prior to him being born. It seems they just dated the knowledge backwards to make it appear like they knew, but it doesn't appear like they did. It seems this sudden knowledge attributed to Sarah's rushed and poorly thought out plan.
It seems as this point Bristol's mom decides to adopt Trig as her own and decides to start faking a pregnancy in late February, only after Trig is born. This coincides with the photos of when Sarah started wearing scarves and "pretending" to look pregnant although not very convincingly.

Sarah knows that she has at least 6 to 8 weeks to fake a pregnancy before Trig reaches a size that is "not presentable" as a newborn. Sarah already knows she will "present" one month earlier than she tells the press and it becomes a part of her plan to buy some time.

Sarah telling everyone he is "one month early" will be very believable and it works to her advantage in being able to make her fake pregnancy work. All Sarah thinks she needs to do is to pretend long enough, say Trig is hers, and she can make this "embarrassment become a solution".

It appears Sarah was waiting to get the "nod" to become "VP" before she decided to go into labor. On April 18th, after flying home in the middle of the night Sarah starts the birth story and later in the morning when everyone is in place she "presents" Trig as her own child. All the while avoiding the media scrutiny that should and would have been present if she hadn't planned on coming home late in the evening and having the time to make sure everything was in place before they were alerted to "Trigs birth".
In reality Trig was born early, by at least one month, but by Bristol. Trig was born with the complications of down syndrome and a heart defect. He was born to a teenage girl who more than likely tried to hide her pregnancy by "under-eating". Trig very likely lost at least one or two pounds from problems associated with not being able to nurse correctly, in addition to already being smaller by arriving early.

Consequently, Sarah was able to present to the public a newborn looking Trig, April 18th, 2008 as her own child.  What Sarah didn't expect was how many people were going to question her behavior. She was use to getting away with mis-behaviors and having things go her way without question. She appears to have been very naive about the position she put herself into and the scrutiny she would receive when she accepted the offer for the Vice Presidential position.
Sarah Palin on March 27, 2008,
three weeks before Trig's 'official' birthdate
It seems however, that even before Sarah presents Trig to the public as her own and after Levi and Bristol understand and accept that they are not keeping and raising Trig as their own, Bristol gets pregnant again. Easy to do when you are healing your emotional wounds with the boyfriend/father of your first child you are having to relinquish. Especially when you think breastfeeding will protect you from getting pregnant. Statistics show that it is relatively easy and not uncommon to get pregnant within 6 weeks of delivering because of the false sense of protection nursing mothers feel.

So, now begins the newest Palin family crisis! Bristol becomes pregnant “again” at the end of March 2008. Nine months later on December 27th or 28th (as the date is a moving target), they are welcoming baby number 2, Tripp!

It all seem clear for me, from their photos, interviews, behaviors and actions! I know from my own experiences that actions always speak louder than words. This could never be more true than what has occurred in Palin family drama! Sarah, Bristol, Levi, Mercedes, their actions ALL speak louder than their words.

I sincerely understand Bristol's mom wanting to help these kids out and adopt Trig. But this shows Sarah's own immaturity and incredibly poor judgment. She showed her lack of ethics when she decided to lie and hide the truth.  Then she used her kids as her own personal, righteous and religious platform to further her political career.

We have the basics correct. We have the timelines and dates Bristol disappeared. We have photos of Sarah, not pregnant. We have rumors, MySpace pages talking about being sexually active and actions that make it very clear what happened. The rest is coming. It will fill in the missing pieces to the picture. But I am convinced and I think a large majority of people following this site feel the same.

We are in the process of filling in the last pieces to this puzzle. That is when a puzzle can be the most difficult to solve. We have been working for months and have accumulated an incredible amount of information. I know more is coming soon and I hope that it will continue to fill out the picture and give us the information we need to finalize this sad family drama. I personally would like to move on and let Sarah get back to finding ways to heal her broken family. But until we have Sarah acknowledge that she lied and covered up the truth or until we uncover that final piece of information that makes it clear, I for one will continue the search.

So, what does this all mean and what does it matter? Like it or not, the Governor of Alaska, supported by a small group of Sarasites, wishes to re-enter the national political scene. If a potential candidate can go to such lengths to deceive and trick her followers, I have no doubt she would lie about lesser and greater things as well, as long as it furthers her aims.

The day Sarah Palin swears off any future political candidacy is the day that I will happily let her slip quietly into the Alaskan night to take care of the family she professes to hold most dear.
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