Friday, April 10, 2009

Babygate - Editorial

Let me ramble for a bit.  If you haven't taken the time to check the Babygate resources that are available, well, that's sort of your loss, I guess. This post is a basic summary of what Babygate is all about.  I welcome your comments or any information that challenges what I post.

Sarah Palin was selected as John McCain's running mate in the last days of August, 2008.  Because nearly nobody knew who Sarah Palin was at the time, everyone who could buy a plane ticket to Alaska and everyone else who had access to "teh Google" began looking.  Blame John McCain for selecting a veritable unknown.  Nobody denied that McCain's running mate would stand a decent chance at inheriting the Presidency if he won.  And since he'd chosen someone almost nobody had ever heard of, the search for information ensued.

Throughout the McCain-Palin campaign, countless individuals and several bloggers brought information to light.  Who was this Palin person?  What did she believe?  What records did she leave behind?

Here was a new Governor (not even 18 months in the job), a former mayor of a village of less than 6,000 people, a mother (ostensibly) of five children, the last of whom suffered from Down syndrome.

Governor Palin made quite a splash on the national scene.  Her pro-life credentials went unquestioned even when her 'maverick' credentials turned out to be stagecraft.  Rumors swirled, almost immediately.  She had given an unbelievable story surrounding the birth of her Down syndrome child, which she "chose" not to abort, and for which she gained multiple kudo's from the far right Republican base.  On closer examination, the story of her pregnancy was more akin to fantasy than reality.

Sarah Palin, two weeks before birthing a 6lb+ baby

In brief, when Sarah announced her "pregnancy" when she was supposedly 7 months gone, it was met with disbelief.  Nobody -- and I mean NOBODY -- said, "Yeah, I thought so."  Everyone said, "Wha???"  If you don't believe me, go look it up.

And then, barely 6 weeks after her telling everyone she was pregnant, she supposedly gave birth.  There are scores of pictures of Sarah dating from February through April 2008.  With one salient exception, these pictures do not show a pregnant woman.  The only picture that does show a belly on Sarah was, conveniently enough, released and published right after she was announced as McCain's running mate.  The image is vouched for by a single 'reporter,' who, curiously enough, has no explanation for who posted her private picture on the Internet.

As if that is not enough, we have the wild ride story.  That is, Sarah claimed that she flew from Alaska to Texas when she was 8 months pregnant to attend a conference.  The night before she was supposed to give a keynote address, 'her water broke.'  Unfazed, she dressed, breakfasted, conferenced, and gave her luncheon speech.  Afterwards, she flew back to Alaska, spending at least 8 hours in the air and a few on the ground for a stopover.  Then she drove past fully equipped hospitals and finally arrived at a small local hospital where she allegedly gave birth.

Since reasonable people can have reasonable doubts as to whether she was pregnant in the first place, the wild ride story is almost an insult.  Add to this that, as the official story goes, she KNEW she was pregnant with a Down syndrome baby who would likely need special care at the time of birth.  The wild ride took place approximately one month before Sarah was supposedly due.  In other words, she suposedly gave birth to a premature Down syndrome baby, after the wild ride, in a facility that had no equipment to deal with such births.

Then.. to top it off, she appears at work WITH the newborn, just three days after birthing this month-premature Down syndrome baby (born with a heart condition, according to a biography).

Any thinking human would have a lot of reluctance before buying into this story.

For anyone who reads this and doesn't know the backstory, I'll try to add in links later, or just leave a comment and I'll reply.  I believe that someone other than Sarah Palin birthed the child known as Trig Palin.  I've got my suspicions.  But that's what Babygate is all about.
So, what does it really matter?  To me, it matters in two respects.  One - Sarah Palin bases her entire political persona on the notion that her family values and morals are unblemished.  Two - whenever a politician lies, either about personal or professional matters, I can no longer trust them.  And it is clear that Sarah Palin (and a small but dedicated following) thinks that she has a future in national politics, so it matters to me.

Hypocrite?  Liar?  Snake oil saleswoman?  Maybe.  After seeing first-hand how she's tried to destroy the reputations of Randy Ruedrich, Walt Monegan, Mike Wooten, and lately, Levi Johnston and his family, I have a good feeling about where I should place my bets.

I urge you to do your own investigation.
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