Friday, February 13, 2009

Xe = Blackwater

We all know the name Blackwater.  It is now synonymous with killing civilians without repercussions.

But now we learn that Blackwater has changed its name for its mercenary services... now that company and its employees shall be known as Xe. 

Xe????  Pronounced, btw, as the letter Z.

See story at TPM here

If you'd spent millions advertising your name and building the recognition, why would you change the name unless you were ashamed of what your former name meant?  Answer:  you wouldn't.

Color me unsurprised.  Also, color me very aware of this sleight-of-hand, and still angry at what now Xe's employees did to chip away at any good will others who represent the US may have been trying to create while working with Iraqi factions.

Shame on you, Blackwater.  And double shame on you for changing your name in what can only be a shameless attempt at sending valid inquiries off into the invisible yonder.
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