Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The House That Sarah Built

Several insighful articles have appeared concerning questions about Sarah and Todd's half-a-million dollar house (see list at bottom). It was built in a couple of months while Sarah was (unsuccessfully) campaigning for Lt. Governor. It was completed just before her term as Mayor of Wasilla ended, during which she successfully removed the need for any building permits. Sarah's house was built only a mile away from the rather remote location chosen for the Wasilla Sports Complex. The suppliers of the materials for the Sports Complex, the construction contractor for the Complex, and the design firm for the Complex all have significant ties to Sarah. The suppliers of the materials for the Sports Complex are the same people who provided the materials for Sarah's house.

Given Sarah's inability to separate personal from public -- ethically speaking -- questions have been raised about how this house got built, by whom, and at what cost. I'd like us to remember that House-gate is still a possible ethics issue, and until Todd tells us who his buddies were, and what they 'donated' toward the building of the house, we have every right to question what could be a Ted Stevens redux.

Wasilla Sports Complex, upstairs

Wasilla Sports Complex, main floor

Sarah's House, railing is reflected in glass

Sarah's house, with balcony railing

The glass-paneled balcony railing in Sarah's house looks pretty similar to the one in the Sports Complex.  Go figure.

Articles about House-gate - please read the details if you have not seen them yet:
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