Tuesday, December 15, 2009

To Sarah Palin's Fans

The media knows when someone is a celebrity. They rightfully labeled this picture, "Sarah Palin waves at fans during book tour."

I don't think religious figures in history had fans. I don't think monarchs had fans. Even politicians don't seem to have fans. But musicians do. Television, movie and stage stars do. Some professional athletes do. But not Senators or Representatives or Mayors or Governors or Presidents.

But that's neither here nor there. Bottom line is, Sarah Palin has fans. Fans who wait in the cold for her plane to touch down, wait while she switches to the big blue bus parked on the runway, wait while the bus drives a few miles to the local bookstore, and wait while she regally disembarks the bus, clutching Trig (the token child) like a security blanket and her personal pro-life badge, and wait while she enters the bookstore for "The Amazing Signing Ceremony."

Fans of Sarah Palin, I know you are out there. I doubt many of you frequent my blog but I have a very serious question to ask you, and I would really, really love to get an answer from some of you. But before you consider the question, you have to promise to think about it and then be as honest as possible with yourself, with me, and with my other readers.

I don't expect many responses but hey, surprise me! So here's the question:

If you found out that Sarah Palin told a lie and continued to perpetuate a hoax about giving birth to a Down syndrome child, would you still be a fan?

Even if you who read this have absolute adoration for Sarah Palin (if your minds are at all free to think), you should be able to imagine the scenario. I'd be very happy if you left a comment on how that might change your perception of her. Would that totally destroy what you think of her? Partially destroy? Would you forgive her this kind of fraud if it occurred under certain circumstances?

I'd really like to know.
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