Friday, December 11, 2009

Thank God for Tiger Woods

First of all, a very sincere mea culpa to those who visited my blog and who had, by every right, an expectation that if I took a break I would at least say something about it.  I have no explanation for my absence that would hold water... suffice it to say I blew a gasket and skittered off for several weeks in random wanderings, unable to give voice to any of my opinions or feelings.

Second of all, were it not for Tiger Woods and the daily revelations of his dalliances, I expect we'd be hearing even more inane coverage of Ms. Inane herself.  Yes, the self-appointed Queen of the North, the female Jesus (Jesusia?) who loves to cry that she is being crucified by the press and her former close friends and co-workers, and frankly, most of the world.  Thank goodness for the steadiness and reliability of the Alaskan bloggers (you know who you are!) and even some not-so-Alaskan bloggers and journalists for debunking Ms. Rouge Renegade at nearly every step of the way.

Third, by this post I'm not quite sure that "I'm back..." -- but at least I'll try not to leave you hanging as before.  Nothing ill beset me in such a way that I felt warned off my usual blog-course.  Ha.. as if I'd made such a dent in anyone's usual deception!  I wish.  I thank the many of you who worried and questioned, though. It was humbling to receive your e-mails and comments.  But I do sense that we all need to do what we can, again, to gather up the steam needed to melt the mask off Ms. S'error so that there is no chance, whatsoever, of seeing her name on a ballot for our national leadership.  Ever.  Again.

Thank you for your patience with me, and for keeping the faith.  Now, let's get busy!
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