Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Really Big Palin Story This Weekend

No, the really big story this weekend isn't Grypen's post at The Immoral Minority revealing trouble at la casa Palin.  Granted, this story is huge, at least if you guage it by the number of comments under this post—458 last time I looked.  For what it's worth, Gryphen and Dennis Zaki of Alaska Report both stand by the story and I have not known either of them to be wrong yet.

And it isn't even the unsophisticated video (the one that infringes copyrights with stolen images and has been removed from several video servers already) hailed by Sarasites and Palinistas as proof that a cabal of Alaskan bloggers are taking their marching orders from President Obama with the express purpose of destroying Sarah Palin.  Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis has some suggestions for how to keep the video out of circulation.  But the video is so boring, poorly written, fallacious and just generally ridiculous that I think it does the neotheocons' cause more harm than good.

The big story this weekend is a crazy letter from what must be a crazy attorney acting on behalf of a crazy ex-governor lady demanding that Gryphen retract his post and apologize by 3:00 PM AST yesterday, August 1 (that would be 7:00 PM EST yesterday).  There has been no retraction, no apology and it is, what, 24 hours past the deadline!  I don't think we'll see one either.

The crazy ex-governor lady has a twisted interpretation about the first amendment.  She takes it to mean that she can say anything she wants (like President Obama hangs out with terrorists) and be politically incorrect to her heart's content (like hoping for a backlash against ethics complaint filers), yet if anyone makes a joke about her or repeats a rumor they've heard about her, they must be violating HER rights.  And since the crazy ex-governor lady has a phalanx of lawyers at her beck and call (which she probably hopes to pay for with the unethical Alaska Fund Trust funds), her first reaction is to threaten to sue.

The crazy attorney—Thomas Van Flein—has threatened to sue bloggers before.  But guess what, there was no follow-through.  In a way that's too bad, because if you get the crazy ex-governor lady in court as a result of her suing you, you get to ask all kinds of questions and demand documents and delve into the private nooks and crannies of Wasillabillyhood right there on the shores of dead Lake Lucille.  Only the shadow knows how many skeletons (or wedding rings) lie at the bottom.

On behalf of progressive bloggers everywhere but especially those in Alaska, I say to the crazy attorney and ex-governor lady, "Bring it on!"
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