Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I Can't Stop Smiling

To our President-Elect Barack Obama, you have given us cause to hope.  Do not disappoint us.  I celebrate your victory and have used a whole box of tissues following your campaign and your speeches.  I have donated to you, volunteered for you, attended rallies for you, voted for you, and now I will be watching to make sure you make good on your promises.

'Nuff said. 


upnorth said...

Oh yes. I feel just the same. Grinning, grinning. But at the same time meaning business. Like AKM looking Begich in the eye and saying "Don't screw up!" But I'd have to add, "beloved one" if I were speaking to Obama! :) What a nice blog. So glad to have found it.
Deborah @ upnorth by northwest