Monday, October 20, 2008

Only on Fox

I don't usually browse Fox Web sites.  But I ran across this image and just found it striking -- and sorry, ladies, I'm not referring to your smiling blonde heads.  Well, not individually that is.  But there are five of you, and the similarity is, frankly, striking!

I suppose Hemmer gets top billing because of his last name.  Alphabetical, right? Not some subtle message about male superiority.  Or even masculine wet dreams about multiple femmes.

But seriously, Fox -- these "reporters" are supposed to bring us fair and balanced coverage?  It looks like your hiring practices could stand a little scrutiny.  When I walk around my small town, I see all kinds of faces, but never five in a row the same!  Not even five in a year the same!

And ladies, have you no shame?  Or self-pride?  Or individuality?