Friday, September 05, 2008

What If Sarah Fails a Background Check?

Photo of Sarah Palin on the night of her acceptance speech at the RNC.

According to CBS and other sources, the McCain campaign added Sarah Pailin's name to the list at a late date and the FBI did not perform a background check before she was picked as the Vice Presidential nominee.

Now that she has officially accepted the nomination, what happens if further checks turn up something awkward, or illegal, or even questionable?  Can she be un-nominated?  Would the McCain campaign send her back to Alaska?  Would the campaign even let us know about it?

On another blog somewhere, I read a comment that went like this:
What does it say about our media when we have to go to the National Enquirer for facts about politicians?  They earned some 'street cred' by staying on and being right about the John Edwards affair story.


BobbyG said...

She's the most famous celebrity in Alaska...