Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Sentiments Exactly

I'm reposting this because it resonates deeply. I volunteered to go to Vietnam as a chopper medic, but being an enlisted female and all, they wouldn't send me. I served stateside at the Travis AFB hospital in California, first stop for the wounded as well as the body bags.

H/T to 'gypsyrose' who added it to a comment under this Joe McGinniss blog post.

A Vietnam Veteran’s Letter To Sarah Palin – author unknown

For some time now, you have been an amusing, albeit mostly incoherent annoyance. But today you crossed a line. With that high cut helmet, carefully designed to allow your professionally coiffed hair to flow freely, you have tried to hijack a moment that you can’t even begin to understand. You decided that an event that has for years been intended to call attention to our POW/MIAs would make a really cool photo-op, as well as a great kick-off for your next get-rich-quick scheme.

Well, Sarah, you picked my war this time. I had several buddies, two of whom died within a couple of meters of me, and you zoomed right past their names on The Wall today; winking and smiling all the way. You weren’t invited, you weren’t welcome, but when has that ever stopped you?

Did you make a few extra bucks for your PAC? If so, I hope that helps you sleep tonight. Because you see, Sarah, my buddies have been sleeping for 40 years; and if they knew that a two-bit grifter like you would one day be making money off of their sacrifice, they might not be resting as easily as I hope they are tonight.

I’m a Christian, Sarah, and I don’t say this lightly … God damn you, Sarah Palin.

Update: Phil Munger of Progressive Alaska blog has also posted this letter, and credits someone named 11 Bravo. Thanks, 11 Bravo, whoever you are!
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