Sunday, March 13, 2011

Brief Comment...

Every once in a while LIFE gets in the way of my writing blog entries, here or on Politicalgates.  You've all heard the "dog ate my homework" excuse, but I have a couple new ones.

With Wisconsin workers trying their best to hold on to rights they've fought for and earned long ago (and watching those rights dissolve), with the tragedy, the extreme tragedy in Japan with the most massive earthquake ever measured and the horrible devastation resulting from a huge set of tsunami waves... nothing should or could get in the way of these major events.

Then we have my work scenario... after 14 years of working for the same government agency but under three different contractors, and after 5 different managers in those contractor agencies, I finally wound up under one who is appalled that I might care more for our mutual client than I do for her.  I do know the client pretty well... As a result, in my most recent performance review, I received heavily downgraded marks because my new (within last 9 months) supervisor challenged the fact that I resist one of her decisions because it negatively affects my job, my co-workers, and our client's objectives. 

Too complicated to explain in detail, but this is the FIRST time I've ever encountered a supervisor (in over 40 years of working!!) who wanted me to jump through certain hoops just because she said so, even if it meant my team members and our client and our deliverables would be negatively impacted.

Add on to that that we've got one cat here (my housemate's) who is dying.  Thanks be, my female kitty is most certainly pregnant, so we have this birth coming up.  And then, my daughter is pregnant also, too, wow!  First time for her. Late coming, after a tubal even. 

I guess this is all to say that I want to hug you all and write, but there's not a lot of room or time right now. 

Be well, and do what you can to be happy. 
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