Monday, November 01, 2010

Final Thoughts Election 2010

The Rally4Sanity was apolitical, darnit!  But also, BRAVA!!! I did not make it there, mostly because due to the fact that I honestly can't walk more than a few blocks without having one knee succumb to arthritis.  But by all that could be holy, what a fantastic gathering of you, me, and everyone who realistically is our neighbor!  I know what Keith Olbermann took issue with Jon's seemingly even-handed disparagement of cable reporting/opinion in general.  What dear Keith doesn't take into account is that he (and even my beloved Rachel Maddow) only exist thanks to the channel who deserves the "Extreme Distortion Award," Faux Nooz.

All I can think of tonight is how horrid it will be for my good friends in Nevada if Sharon Angle manages to pull off a win.  Some of them say that Harry Reid is corrupt.  You know, I think he had pressure, but not in the way some said.  For example, the previous administration grossly lied and acted on those lies, and has as of yet, to be called on those lies in a public forum.  I am only mad at Harry Reid for failing to instigate investigations and grand juries into the constitutional slaps-in-the-face that former (doofus) President Bush and his administration perpetrated.  The list is too long to note.

I've called or SMS'd all my relatives and friends about voting.  Even though I tried my best to stick a fork in their sides about voting, I still have my own doubts.  I KNOW that the 2000 election was subject to election fraud (NOT voter fraud, election fraud - those are different). So as I vote now, and prod my loved ones into the same, I have no particular confidence that the person(s) I vote for will actually have my action recorded for them.  That's abysmal. But it is what it is.  If you don't believe me, just try -- just try asking your local poll worker what exactly happens with your choices!  And then try to see if they can provide you with an uninterrupted chain of command for your vote. Anything you can verify.

Meantime, happy November 2, all.
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