Friday, March 12, 2010

Karma, like a Boomerang

The law of karma says that what you sow, you will eventually reap. It could even be that you have to pay back for what your ancestors did or did not do. Ideally, karma is instant and ideally you don't have to pay for your ancestors, and ideally your progeny and their children don't have to pay for your karma either.

The way I understand it is you will get back what you do in life, eventually. Therefore, if you are good and decent, generous and caring, if you give more than you get, you will be rewarded in kind. By the same token, if you are stingy and mean, if you trick and deceive to get somewhere, if you lie and fool other people, your karma will rear its head and see that you suffer as you have made others suffer.

Since innocent and blameless people do get killed in airplane crashes, car accidents, or by land mines or invading armies whose true purpose is to steal land or oil or water or other resources, we can postulate that you don't always get back, in this life, what you've put in. Thus, I have to accept the generational aspect of karma.

There are things you can do to make "good karma." Likewise, there are things you can do that create "bad karma." By my reading, Sarah Palin has accrued a whole helluva lot of bad karma. Now, this karmic debt may be visited upon her progeny but she may also experience some results while she still lives. Sarah lies -- almost as if it were in her genes to do so, she does it so smoothly. Sarah rips off others -- the state of Alaska, her devoted followers, her close associates and even those who used to call her a friend. Sarah has assumed a god-like mantle to excuse her usurping, divisiveness and grifting. Ultimately, karma is going to catch up to her as it will to all of us.

At least that is my hope...

Kudos to everyone who pays attention and serves as an agent of karma, revealing Sarah Palin's misdeeds and her unsavory history.

Disclaimer: I'm not a Bhuddist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu or a member of any other organized religious group. I have studied world religions for decades and learned the practices and the precepts of most of them. Having a set of beliefs is probably a good thing for many people. It's only when a follower begins believing that their way is the only way and when that view colors and shapes their world, their world view and their actions that trouble begins. It is infinitely improbable that any one person has a true and final answer for everyone else.
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