Thursday, December 25, 2008

Year End CleanUp

There's pardons in the wings.  Who shall get the wings of release?

There's a baby supposed to be born, the one that would make it 'impossible' for the much-rumored mother of Trig Palin to actually be his mother.

There's the findings of the State Legislative body that Sarah Palin broke Alaska's ethics laws.  But what will come of that?

Then we recently learned that Dick Cheney knew and gave approval for torture.  And he also knew and was in part responsible for revealing Valerie Plame as a covert agent.  Will anything come of that?

Even though this year ends on a faintly hopeful note, given the results of the November election, there are quite a few lies to punish and liars to catch.  I wonder how many of these will be brought to justice in the year ahead.

Meantime, a most happy holiday to all.  Let us be grateful that we have electricity, food, shelter, and warmth over the cold days of winter.