Sunday, November 23, 2003

How to Kill Democracy

Just follow these easy steps and you too can destroy representative government!

  1. Begin by telling calculated lies to your constituency.

  2. Later on, when confronted with those lies, just deny you meant what you said.

  3. Take the time to beef up the original lies with more lies. Don't forget about omissions, either. Hide the things you can't lie about.

  4. Do all you can to create fear within the population. Whatever you do, don't empower the people. Make them utterly dependent on you instead!

  5. Say that God is on your side. That should give you the ability to see into souls and figure out what others may be thinking or planning to do in the future.

  6. With this super power, you can invade sovereign countries or jail anyone
    with impunity. After all, someone has to make sure that Democracy spreads!

  7. Make sure that you don't really let the people decide anything. Hey, they may be stupid enough to think Democracy means they have a choice!

  8. Whatever you do, never back down once you start heading in a certain direction, no matter how unpopular that path is. Otherwise, someone will no doubt call you a wimp, and everyone knows patriotic Democracy supporters aren't wimps.
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