Monday, July 23, 2012

Teh Crazy Continues

We've got the Aurora shooter, and the insane religious claiming it happened because we're not suckered enough into their interpretation of Christianity.  We've got the Penn State sanctions and punishments from the NCAA, since all of a sudden making football a religion is not such a good idea.  Then we have the reich-wing lowering their booms on President Obama because he dared to notice that successful businesses didn't get their by their own efforts entirely.

Who pays for the roads? Or the fire department? Or the police? Or the schools who turn out the workers? Who subsidizes the fuel people need to drive to work? Who trained the bricklayers, HVAC technicians, cement-layers, drywall erectors, engineers who designed and programmed production?

For those who grasp onto the notion that a successful business got there all by themselves, please think again. A business is only successful when its owners clambered on top of the shoulders of many, many others. And they can stay there only when many, many others continue to support their aims.

I imagine that the remaining months to this November's election will be laced with (and fraught with) partial truths ... half-truths would be a bonus. Just expect 'teh crazy' to be the soup du jour, and spend some time breathing in order to sort out what's real and what is simply crazy.
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